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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The basis of our privacy policy is respect towards the privacy of the users of our services. We always process personal data in accordance with good processing practices and the effectual legislation. Additionally, we implement the self-regulatory  code of conduct of the industry, such as the direct marketing code of conduct introduced by Data & Marketing Association of Finland (Suomen Asiakkuusmarkkinointiliitto ry, ASML), and the self-regulatory initiative for targeted internet marketing introduced by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Our privacy policy explains which personal data and possible other data, are collected, and how they are processed. This policy applies to all online services we offer, including mobile applications and third party social networks (for example Facebook). Additionally, individual terms of use provided by each service provider apply to our mobile applications available in, for example, Apple App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store. Please use the following links to familiarize yourself with Apple terms of use, Google terms of use and Microsoft terms of use.

By personal data, we refer to data from which an individual person, you, can be identified. In addition to personal data, we also process data from which you cannot be identified. Such data is, for example, data concerning the use of our services when you are not logged in to the service. By “you”, we refer to the users of our services, our clients, potential clients, or other concerned parties, such as contact persons of companies.



This abstract specifies the type of data we collect, how we use them, and what type of influencing possibilities you have. You can read the entire policy below the abstract.

  • Why do we collect data?
    • In order to bring to your disposal our services, customer service, and in order to target communication and interesting advertisement for you.
  • What type of data do we collect, and from where do we collect it?
    • We save your basic information when you, for example, register, or in a customer service situation, as well as data related to the use of service, such as usage frequency and the material you produce for the service.
  • Who can process the data?
    • We always collect data primarily for our own use in order to bring our services to your disposal. Our selected partners only process data by our request and with signed contracts.
  • How long is the data stored?
    • We only store data as long as it is meaningfully necessary, and in accordance with the effective legislation.
  • How about cookies?
    • We use cookies and other corresponding techniques in order to analyze and understand the use of our services, and in order to provide quality recommendations and marketing you are interested in. Our services may take advantage of third party cookies and so called social plugins (social media services).
  • What type of influencing possibilities do you have?
    • You have the right to obtain information on how and which of your personal is processed. Our up-to-date privacy policy is always at your disposal, and you can, for example, check your own data by login in to the service you use by using your credentials.

Familiarize yourself with our privacy policy in detail by reading the entire policy below.


Privacy Policy of Nettix Oy

What type of data do we process?

Personal data we process consists of data that we receive directly from you when you, for example, register to our service, or take part in a draw organized by us, and of information that we receive through our systems on the use of our service. We also receive personal data and updates from officials, organizations, and companies that offer credit- and personal data acquisition- and updating services, and from public sources such as websites and social media channels.

  • Basic- and contact information
    • First name and last name, email address, address, and phone number
    • Gender, language, and domicile
  • Data relative to customer relations and other appropriate affiliation
    • Username, nickname, or other identifier
    • Data on the services you use
    • Social security number
    • Payment method data and other data relative to payments (such as payment card data and data relative to invoicing)
    • Electronic direct marketing consent- and prohibition data
    • Customer feedbacks and other contact events, as well as your feedback
  • Data obtained from using the services
    • Data on service use and activity
    • Material you provide to the service
    • Browser- and device data, and cookie identifiers
    • Advertisement visibility- click data
  • Other data
    • Data concluded from your use of service and/or data you have provided, for example your interests
    • Other data collected under your consent (for example location data)
    • Modifications to afore mentioned


Why and for what purpose do we collect data?

We process personal data on the following grounds:

  • In order to fulfill a contract between you and Nettix  (for example when you register as a user of our service)
  • You have given your consent to process your personal data (for example utilizing location data)
  • Based on a justified interest (for example electronic direct marketing)
  • In order to obey a legitimate obligation (for example the Bookkeeping Act)

We process the data for the following purposes:

  • In order to provide you with our services,, to
    • Deliver the services you have ordered
    • Produce, upkeep, and protect the services
    • Prevent and investigate possible malfunctions and abuse
    • Compile statistics and reports
    • Develop existing services
  • In order to provide you with customer service, to
    • To process contact requests
    • Ease transactions by providing as personal service as possible
    • Inform you by means of service- and customer relations
    • Improve our service and user experience by, inter alia, recommending interesting content
  • In order to manage customer- and stakeholder relations
  • In order to target sales and marketing, to
    • Produce interesting and personalized recommendations
    • Execute polls and surveys to develop our understanding of our customers
  • In order to present advertisement, to
    • Present quality, interesting adverts

We utilize cookies to enable a better user experience, and in order to analyze the use of our services. If you have a username to our service, we can utilize data observed from the use of the username together with the username data. We can for example target advertising for you based on your network behavior. Utilizing the data requires, as presented for new users in the cookie notification, that you have accepted the use of cookies. A user that is not logged in cannot be identified based on the data or analytics collected from the use of the service. Read more about cookies.

We are a part of Otavamedia advertising network. You can read more about the use of cookies is targeted advertising in Otavamedia privacy policy.


How long do we store data?

We only store data as long as it is meaningfully necessary for the purposes described in this privacy policy, such as managing customer relations. The storing period is determined as follows:

  • If you have a username to our service, we process your data for as long as you use the service. Your user account is automatically closed if you have not used it once in 3,5 years.
  • If you have given your consent to, for example, electronic direct marketing, we process your data for the period of time the consent is valid.
  • If you have taken part in a draw or other marketing campaign, we process your data for the period of time the possible price has been drawn and delivered, and for a reasonable period after the campaign. By a reasonable period of time we mean a period of time after which we have no reason to believe that you would contact us regarding the use of service or your attendance.

We may have an obligation based on legislation to process certain data longer than in accordance with the aforementioned criteria. In such cases, we process data in order to comply with the legislation for a period of time it determines.


Who can process your data?
Your personal data is processed primarily within Nettix Oy. The data is only processed by such persons that have, due to their work assignment, the right to process personal data.

We utilize partners in order to produce our services, and therefore they also process personal data. Our partners always process data for purposes determined by Nettix and in accordance with the effective legislation. Our data processors are for example:

  • Software- and system service providers
  • Payment service providers
  • Customer service companies
  • Email service providers
  • Marketing- and advertising service providers
  • Survey- and development service providers

We submit data to, for example, officials, if we are obligated to do so by legislation. We may also submit data in conjunction with corporate acquisition or corporate arrangement. We may submit selected parts of personal data to carefully selected partners, and agree to use the data to similar purposes as within Nettix. Data submissions are always executed in accordance with the effective legislation.


Transferring personal data outside of EU/ETA?

Personal data is transferred outside of EU/ETA when it is necessary in order to execute services. We always comply with the requirements and transfer principles determined by the effective data protection legislation, such as the standard contractual clauses accepted by the EU commission at the time. Our partners in the United States are committed to comply with the regulations determined in the Privacy Shield – contract signed between the EU and the United States in order to ensure a sufficient level of data protection.


What type of influencing possibilities do you have?

You have the right to check and ask for updates on data stored of you. You may check the data yourself by logging in to our services by using your credentials. You have the opportunity to ask for a free of charge copy of your personal data once a year by sending us a written and signed request, or submit a check request personally at our registered office.

In certain situations, you may ask us to restrict the processing of your data. If you no longer wish to receive our electronic direct marketing, you may prohibit it by using the link at the end of, for example, our marketing communications. You have the right to ask us to remove your personal data if they are no longer used for the purposes they were collected for, and no other legal processing grounds are present. If however the processing of the data is necessary in order to comply with the effective legislation, or in order to respect the direct marketing prohibition given by you, we cannot remove your data.

If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can always contact our customer service. You have the right to file a complaint over the processing of your personal data to the supervisory body of data protection if you perceive the processing has not been conducted in accordance with the legislation.


How do we protect data?

We utilize adequate technical and organizational safety procedures to ensure that no malpractice is addressed towards the personal data. Our systems are protected by the means of, inter alia, firewalls and passwords, as well as by the means of access control. Additionally, we have agreed over confidential processing and adequate protection of data with our partners.


Updating the privacy policy

This privacy policy may partly change as we develop our services within the changing legislation. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the policy regularly. We will inform you about essential changes by email and/or on our websites if possible.

This privacy policy has been updated on 9.5.2018.


Register controller

Register controller is Nettix Oy.
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