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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
We use cookies in our services. Cookies are small text files that your browser installs on the device you use. Utilizing cookies requires that you have accepted cookies. You cannot be identified by using only cookies, and they do not harm your device or files stored in it. Using cookies is a general practice within most large websites.


Why are cookies used?
Thanks to cookies, using our services is easier and technically more proficient for you. Cookies remember for example the language you use, font size and display options, and you do not have to define them every time. Additionally, you will be presented with targeted advertising, and advertising that better suits your interests instead of non-targeted recommendations.

Cookies help us collect data on the number of visitors using our services, pages they visit, browsers, and operating systems. These data helps us understand the use of our services better, and develop them to serve the users even better. We also combine data collected using cookies with other data to enable a better user experience.


Who else may collect data?
In addition to us, also third parties may collect data using cookies. Third parties are for example advertisers we have partnered with, of advertising networks, as well as different measuring service providers. We use, inter alia, Google Analytics in our web services to measure the use of our web services. Third parties, such as Google Analytics, may place cookies in order to collect data on, for example, the number of visitors on the sites. You can read more about Google Analytics terms of use here.

Our services may also utilize social plugins such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram like- and share buttons. These social plugin buttons may be visible in our services, but their content is pulled directly from the source of the button. The social plugin in our service recognizes that you are logged in to the service in question, and presents customized content in the plugin. Social plugins do not present customized content if you are not logged in to the service in question. Services of the social plugins may collect data of your visit in accordance with the effective privacy policy. Services in question do not submit the data collected to us unless you have given your individual consent to do so. You may examine social plugins term of use for Facebook here, Twitter here, and Instagram here.

Our web services may also present content utilizing iFrame – technique on, for example, presenting location specific weather forecasts pulled from a third party service. In these cases, the location data is pulled from the location of your device with your consent in order to present the weather data for the right location. Location data is determined by using, inter alia, GPS and WLAN – contact points, and mobile network base stations.

Our web services utilize JavaScript to detect ad blocker add-ons on web browsers. JavaScript mimics the advert, and confirms it is presented on the device. We function in this way, but do not store any data on your device, and do not process data you could be personally identified from for this purpose. We may restrict the content provided if we detect that the browser uses an ad blocker. If you do not want us to utilize ad blocker detection mechanisms, you may turn off JavaScript functionality in the browser settings. We reserve the right to restrict the content of our web service in case you do not give your consent on utilizing ad blocker detection mechanisms.

Clearing or blocking cookies

You may clear cookies in your browser settings in order to change the identifier that collects data from the device. You also have the opportunity to block cookies entirely by modifying your browser settings. Blocking cookies may affect the functionality of our services and targeting of advertisement. In case you decide to block cookies, you may not be able to fully utilize the web services we provide. You may also block third party targeted advertising entirely, or company specifically, through Your Online Choices -site.